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We are a Taxi & Chauffeuring company based in Warminster, Wiltshire and Frome, Somerset. At Starline we have built our company on a 100% standard of excellence and reliability which the continued growth of our customer base reflects. The company has grown to a fleet in excess of 50 vehicles employing a staff of 50 plus personnel. The majority of our mini buses have a hydraulic lift for wheelchair users.

We operate a fully computerised booking and despatch system which is GPS linked to ensure passenger peace of mind and safety. Using this method, criminal scanners cannot pick a frequency and nobody can detect that you have left your house.

Please note that young children and babies have to be counted as individual passengers.  Previously, youngsters and babies could be transported on the knee or in the lap of an adult.  However, it is now a legal requirement that all individuals in the vehicle count towards the total, therefore it is not possible to carry four adults and a baby or young child in a four-seater taxi.  Please note that 5+ seater taxis operate on a higher tariff.

All the prices quoted are in pounds sterling.

Booking Office 38A Market Place, Warminster, Wilts BA12 9AN Tel: 0800 542 5222
Head Office 38B Market Place, Warminster, Wilts BA12 9AN Tel: (01985) 212215

Email: info@starlinetaxis.co.uk

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All telephone calls are recorded for monitoring purposes

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